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My brother passed three years ago. As a child of parents who speak little to no English, I had to figure out what to do for my brother. Overall, my father took the reigns and went to see Jeannie and she was so patient, caring, and helped us every step of the way. Without her, I’m sure we couldn’t do my brother’s funeral the way my mom wanted. She told me where to go for flowers, what to expect on the day of the viewing, the funeral, who to speak to at the cemetery, basically step by step instructions for everything, fun fact; she also spoke on how she understood and was fascinated by the Lao community and how the Lao funerals were portrayed, we also invited her to our home to eat and celebrate my brother’s life to show some gratitude. If there are Angels walking amongst us, Jeannie is one of them. I can’t say I’m prepared to plan a next funeral, but I know who to find when it happens. I truly appreciate Jeannie and everyone else who took care of my brother for his final rest. Thank you very much, God bless.

Maria Amaya
November 9, 2020

When my mother passed unexpectedly we had no clue what to do. I was a wreck, my father was a wreck, and there was no plan in place. Roger took us step by step on what was going to happen and how. He never once acted like we had a stupid question, he was quick to answer or get the answer. Leigh was a God send during the week leading up to the services. I felt as though we were being to much but Leigh never acted like we were. She was sweet, understanding, and willing to help out how ever she could. The rest of the staff on the day of the service was outstanding. Very respectful and understanding of the needs of my father. It was the little things they did to take care of us that we will remember and appreciate for years to come. Thank y’all so much and God bless.

Micah Willson
August 9, 2020

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